In your own words, describe the types of activities you participated in during the EmpowerMind session below:

At this session, we participated in a variety of different deep breathing exercises, yoga poses, and some team building activities. It was fun doing these activities!

Did you enjoy this session? Was there a specific activity that was your favourite? 

Yes, I did like it! My favourite activity was when we played the game near the end where either Heather or Jamie said a sentence starter like “I cry when…” and then we all went around in the circle to describe our answer. I liked getting to know everyone, especially since was the first session I’ve attended. I found out a lot about my peers, and realized I could relate to them a lot more than I was expecting!

What did you get out of participating in the EmpowerMind session? How did you feel before, during, and after the session?

To be honest, I felt very nervous before coming to the session! Due to my anxiety, sometimes activities make me very nervous, but I am glad I pushed through and came. During the beginning of the session, I felt a slight bit of discomfort, which is normal, because I didn’t know anyone, but as the session went on, I felt more and more comfortable. The hour and a half just flew by! It felt like only 30 minutes! After the session, I felt relaxed, from the yoga and deep breathing activities, and also proud, because I followed through with my plans. I am glad I came.